Waterline at Wanderlust
"Wanderlust Festival" at Squaw Valley, CA

     When Wanderlust Yoga & Music Festival came to Tahoe a couple weekends ago, Yogaslackers joined forces and set up a bunch of slacklines all around the resort, including a waterline over a pond.  Now I’m not new to world of slacklines; I do have a few tricks up my sleeve.  Just earlier in the day, I was flying high and feeling pretty cool on the short rigs, doing yoga poses and the splits.  But it was my first time on a longline and I must say; it is not easy.  I was constantly (and literally) being brought back down to earth.  The sit-start was hard and walking itself was harder.  The tension of the line was so high, the presence of your body made no difference to stability, especially when the wind would pick up.  Needless to say, I need a lot more practice than I think.  However, it was the funnest time I’ve had on a line in a long time, and if I get more opportunities like this again, I will gladly and eagerly welcome them!